How To Write The Perfect Dating Profile

How to Write a Great Dating Profile

Your dating profile is your very own unique selling point. It gives you an opportunity to let the world know what a catch you are! Your profile plays a big part in your dating introduction and can also impact on your dating success, and subsequent relationship connection.

To write the perfect online dating profile you need to:

Write a unique description

Aside from the photos that you upload, the written content of your profile is what encourages browsers to contact you. Ideally, your profile should provide enough information to intrigue, captivate and motivate someone to message you. It’s important that you’re honest about yourself and what you’re looking for. Describe your character, personality and unique traits. This will give people an idea of your persona.

Add something unique that makes your profile stand out from the rest. Perhaps you have an unusual hobby or a quirky sense of humour. Consider what would grab your attention. Try to avoid using clichés and phrases like “looking for love”. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few ‘buzz’ words like place names, movie titles and famous quotes. These will help to draw people in.

Ideally, you want to give out unique and selective information without being too personal.

Use a Great Photo

Avoid old photo’s that deceive and over the top photo’s of you with a drink in hand and the worse for wear. Go for a relaxed, casual look and a smile

Dating Profile Picture Female

Dating Profile Picture Male










Mention your interests

Your dating profile allows someone to get to know a few things about you so that they can decide whether or not to take things further. It’s, therefore, a good idea to describe the things that you like to do. Your passions, hobbies and interests are potentially what you might have in common with someone who’s looking to meet a special person. You can also write about places you have travelled to, your favourite books, music and movies, and the things on your Bucket List.

You can also let people know about your likes and dislikes. Being honest about the fact that you hate XXXX will increase your chances of finding your ideal match.

Add some specifics

Some online dating profiles require you to provide basic info about yourself. This is often limited in the number of words that you can use. Consider your answers carefully so that you can pick the right words to describe yourself, and the things that you enjoy. You will also need to provide details about your perfect partner. Try to find the middle ground between being too specific and too vague. The answers you give will help people determine if they want to connect with you. They will also influence advanced searches and potential matches.

Finish with an intriguing headline

Your profile’s headline should sum up everything you have written in a concise and intriguing way! A headline that is humorous, distinctive or quirky will grab far more attention that one that is uninspiring and safe. Incorporate song lyrics, ‘buzz’ words, or a statement that hints at what they can discover by reading on.

Once you have written your profile and added a headline, read it through to check that it captures your personality in the best way.

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