Women’s Style Guide for Over 50 Dating

older lady in a dress

As we move into middle age our bodies change. It doesn’t matter how much fancy face cream as we buy, how much body sculpting underwear we invest in, or how often we hit the gym, our bodies do change as we mature. And the truth is that’s ok. Trying to maintain the body of a 25-year-old as a 55-year-old is a losing battle and one you shouldn’t be wasting your energy fighting. Instead, embrace who you are! Your curves, your lines, those few grey hairs, they are telling your story and dressing to enhance who you are rather than trying to hide it is the best way to look amazing. When it comes to dressing for dates, the key is to keep it simple, show off your personality and make sure you feel comfortable. Before you step out on your next date, explore our over 50 dating style guide and make sure your wardrobe is working hard to show off your natural beauty.


Dresses are often our go-to date armour, providing femininity and just an edge of flirtiness. Choosing the right dress is key. Look for designs that skim rather than squeeze the body and choose styles which sit at or just below the knee. Sleeves are your friend when it comes to over 50s dressing as are wrap and tunic style dresses. Keep the flesh-flashing to a minimum too and look for high-quality fabrics that sit well and won’t crease as soon as you sit down. older lady in a dress


A common mistake that we make as we get older is opting for flabby styles that drown our body and hide our shape. This is especially true when it comes to trousers. You want to choose well-tailored styles that accentuate your natural curves not hide your shape. Pair tapered trousers with a tunic style top or shirt for a casual, relaxed look that will disguise a tummy while still feeling fresh and elegant. Don’t be afraid to choose an elasticated waist too, they are incredibly comfortable and can easily be hidden under a long top.


The great thing about tops, blouses, and shirts is that they add such versatility to your look. Choose luxe fabrics and styles that taper into the waist or are belted to create a flattering shape that is also very comfortable. Designs with sleeves are generally a good choice for dates and everyday dressing as they don’t leave you feeling exposed. Layering can also be a very pretty date look. Choose a semi-sheer or silky blouse to pair with a more fitted top.

Quick Style Tips for Over 50s Dating

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