Why Are More Women Heading Down the Aisle after 50?

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What do you think of when you imagine a typical bride? A young woman in a white frothy frock? Maybe in her 20s or 30s? Heading down the aisle to the next stage in her life and perhaps preparing to have a family?

Well, it could be the time we all shifted our perspectives. According to the Office for National Statistics, women in their 50s are now more likely to get married than women in their early twenties. And the average age for brides has risen to 34.6 years old.

The latest data we have is from 2014 and it paints a shocking picture of the nation’s changing approach to marriage.

The most sizable change was in over 65s with a rise in marriage rates of 65% for women and 41% for men. For women between 55 and 59, there was a jump of 25%.

Clearly, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of older brides and grooms that are saying ‘I do’ to marriage but what’s the story behind this trend?

We looked at some of the reasons ‘grey’ marriage could be on the rise below.

Later Life Relationships Have Become The Norm

The 50 plus dating scene is thriving. Online dating and middle of life divorce rates are contributing to a busy and exciting dating pool. 50 is no longer the end of your dating story, in fact, for many, it’s just the beginning. Our perception of what it means to be 50, 60 or even 70 plus has changed. Healthier lifestyles and access to advanced medical care means that age often is just a number, so why wouldn’t older people be dating? All this means that people are building strong second relationships post 50 and some of these relationships are ending in marriage. With a world of eligible older singles just a few clicks away, it’s no wonder that marriage rates after 50 are rocketing.

Life Expectancy Has Increased

From a pure numbers perspective, we are living longer and we are often living better, creating more opportunities to marry later. Increased life expectancy means that a 60-year-old single woman now may well have another 30 years of life ahead of her compared to 10 or 20 years, half a century ago. This increase means it simply makes more sense to pursue a romantic relationship later in life.

Women Are Putting Their Careers First

 Historically women married soon after finishing education or entering the workforce. This meant that it was very usual to see women in their late teens and early twenties walking down the aisle. In 2018 this viewpoint has all but disappeared. Many women are placing career, travel and personal development at the top of their agenda and pursuing relationships later in life. This means a gradual nudging up of the average marriage age every few years.

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