Men’s Style – How to Look Great Over 50

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Are you considering dating again and worried your style isn’t up to scratch?

You’re not alone. For many men over 50, feeling and looking stylish is a bit of an alien concept. It is, though, worth making the effort to ensure you look and feel great. Not only will this impress potential dates it can also provide a welcome boost to your confidence.

Don’t worry about looking like a different person. This isn’t the idea. The way to make changes is through small, straightforward steps that have a big impact.

Read on and find out more about looking and feeling great over 50.

Take Care of Your Skin

Men’s skin care can be a sensitive subject – with many men relying on just a splash of cold water and some soap. Older skin is drier and requires a little more attention – so even if you have never practised a skincare routine before, now if the perfect time to start. Invest in a gentle cleansing product to clean your skin without stripping moisture and apply a moisturising cream every day. You will notice a change in your face almost immediately.

Evaluate Your Wardrobe

It’s time for a serious wardrobe clear out. Get rid of the old, the damaged and the plain ugly and start to build a capsule wardrobe of easy classics. This should include a great suit, a well-fitting pair of jeans and a couple of high-quality shirts and sweaters. Not sure where to start when it comes to style? Recruit a family member or friend to help and remember to keep it classic and simple.

Stay Healthy

You will only look great if you look after your health. This means enjoying a balanced healthy diet and exercising regularly. This doesn’t mean you need to immediately hit the gym – just building extra walking and movement into your day can be a good place to start. You should also cut down on foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat, saving them for occasional treats.

Stay Hydrated

You would be surprised by how many people simply don’t drink enough water. The amount of hydration in your body affects everything from your energy levels to the quality of your skin and hair. Make sure you are looking and performing at your best by drinking lots of pure water. Avoid sugary or highly caffeinated drinks which can often leave you more dehydrated than before.

Groom Often and Well

One of a woman’s biggest red flags on a date is poor grooming. Take the time and the effort to present your best side. This means keeping your hair and beard neatly trimmed, nails clean and cut and generally taking pride in your appearance. It’s easy to let small parts of your grooming routine slide – don’t. Always make the effort – your date will thank you for it!

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