Dating Over 50 – Why It’s Easier Than your Twenties

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Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’ve read the title of this article and thought “ha! I wish!”, but we’re not kidding – dating over 50 really is easier than it was in your 20s.

It feels sort of wrong to consider it because for so many single men and women over 50 the thought of dating creates no shortage of angst, frustration and confusion – but we’re here to tell you that over 50, you’ve got a skillset that you’d have killed for in your twenties.

Here are four huge reasons why dating over 50 is way better than it was in your 20s:

#1 – You’re Confident in Yourself

You might not recall it now but in your twenties, you were a nervous wreck. You’ve just entered into adulthood and, frankly, you don’t know what to do with it. Responsibilities come, of course, but you’re just winging it, getting by from day to day, building knowledge – both of the world and of yourself.

Now you’re in your fifties, that confusion and fear have largely disappeared, leaving with what can be described as the real you. Time and time again, we report ourselves as feeling more self-assured, we know what we like and we’ve got more confidence. It’s amazing and you should embrace it.

#2 – You’ve got Relationship Experience

We’ve all ruined relationships when we were young. It’s a sad fact, but although we could have had something special, we’ve all made the wrong decision and thrown it all away. It’s only with experience that we learn what we could have done differently.

Love takes work and experience, and over 50 we have the latter in abundance. We’ve been there, done that and can see the warning signs from a mile away. It makes our chances of finding love that much better.

#3 – You’re Not Under Pressure to Start a Family

In our late twenties, the family pressures really start to mount up. It’s a pressure that many of us feel, and it can put undue stress on a relationship as we wonder ‘are they the right person to start a family with?’

Once we’re over fifty though, most of us either already has children or weren’t interested in having them in the first place. It’s a liberating place to be, as you’re able to judge a relationship by the fun you’re having, not by any greater paranoia or panic.

#4 – You’re More Caring

Youth has its advantages, but it’s not without its drawbacks. In particular, youth has a habit of making us somewhat less caring than we are in our fifties.

Perhaps it’s a symptom of a lack of responsibility or maybe life just hadn’t sanded down our rough edges yet, but as we grow older we grow more empathetic, gentler and more open to the pain of others.

It makes dating not only a more comfortable experience but also a more pleasurable one, as we know that any baggage we might have won’t have to be lifted alone.

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