5 Surprising Facts About Dating Over 50

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More and more people over 50 are dating. But despite the growing popularity of online dating for people into their 50s and beyond it’s something we don’t talk about enough. It’s a fact we should all be celebrating and shouting about! Online dating is for everyone, regardless of age! If you’re an over 50’s dater then you have probably already learned a lot about the online dating scene and hopefully, you have connected with some interesting people. You may even be a bit of an online dating pro! But a recent survey reported on by the Telegraph revealed a few facts that might surprise even the most experienced online dater. Heck, they may even make you blush!

Read on and discover some of the most surprising facts about over 50s dating. mature couple kissing

Older daters are more likely to get intimate within the first month.

77 percent of over 50s daters said they would kiss a partner for the first time in the first week of dating compared to 66 percent of more youthful daters. While 25 percent of older daters said they would sleep with a partner in the first month. Perhaps as we get older we relax our boundaries. After all, when you know someone is right for you, why wait!

Over 50s daters are more body confident.

 24 percent of older daters would get naked with the lights on. Only 9 percent of younger daters said the same. We say if you have it, flaunt it! It seems that as we age we become more comfortable with who we are and that includes becoming more body confident!

Older daters are asking their kids for advice.

It seems that over 50s feel comfortable asking their grown children for dating tips. With 33 percent asking their kids for general dating advice and over 10 percent asking for help choosing a winning profile picture. And why not? Over 50s dating shouldn’t be a dark secret. It should be something that you can discuss openly with family and friends.

It takes older daters a little longer to say, “I love you”.

The average time it takes for older daters to say, “I love you” is 164 days while younger daters are declaring their love after just 142 days. Maybe with age comes greater wisdom and taking the time to make sure someone really is ‘the one’ could pay dividends in the long run.

Older daters are more likely to seek exclusive relationships.

Conducting multiple, non-exclusive relationships may work for millennials but over 50s seem to be seeking something a little more solid. 47 percent agree to an exclusive relationship within the first 6 months of dating. When you have found someone special, it makes sense to hang onto them!

How do these facts compare to your experience of over 50s dating? Are you now inspired to jump into the world of over 50s online dating?

Whatever your dating style, explore Over50sDating.co.uk to connect with likeminded over 50s singles near you. Who knows, you may even discover your ideal match!







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