The 1968 Club – Celebrities Turning 50 This Year

Christmas has come and gone along with it the worldwide party that we call New Years’ Eve, and we all know what that means – it’s 2018!

New years can mean whole new horizons and present a fresh slate from which we can review, renew and rebuild what we love about ourselves, and what we want to change. At Over 50 Dating, we’re proud to offer a platform from which over fifty singletons can find love within the UK.

It’s an honor and a duty for us, and with more people turning fifty every year, it’s a pool which is only getting bigger.

2018 is set to be the biggest year in history for people turning fifty, and there’s plenty of celebrities coming along for the ride too. But who, we hear you ask? Join us as we take a look at some of the biggest names:

Will Smith

Often regarded as the biggest draw in cinema around the world, Will Smith has transformed himself from up and coming rapper to movie megastar, with fingers in music production, rapping, television and moving production, screenwriting and more.

You’ll know him from Men in Black, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, I Robot and much, much more, but 2018 is the year in which he finally turns fifty. It might seem like he’s been around forever, but Will Smith still has much more to give, something we’ll hopefully see more of in 2018.

Lucy Liu

Looking at Lucy Liu, you’d struggle to pin her age anywhere near fifty, but the gorgeous Chinese-American actress will turn the big five-oh on the 2nd of December this year, drawing to a close half a century of iconic film and television roles in productions like Kill Bill, Elementary, Lucky Number Slevin and more.

Hugh Jackman

Currently starring in the Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman has always walked a fine line between tough, rugged manliness and a willingness to break into song and dance. It’s that versatility which has driven the Aussie star to appear in everything from the X-Men films to Les Miserables, and what will surely propel him to even greater heights in 2018.

He’ll be turning 50 on the 12th of October, and we’ve had word that he’s especially excited about the chance to join up with Over 50 Dating!

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has built an amazing career not out of her evident looks, but out of her ability to bend and shape herself into whatever a roll demands. Appearing in productions as diverse as King Kong, The Ring, Birdman and David Lynch’s Mulholland drive time and time again she’s displayed remarkable talent.

Now approaching 50, she’ll join the club on the 28th of September, where her career will continue as it always has for the English star – on a steep upwards trajectory. Upcoming projects include Ophelia and Luce.

Gillian Anderson

Anyone who ever watched the X-Files fell a little in love with British-America actress Gillian Anderson, but looks alone don’t earn you a career across stage and screens both big and small for decade after decade. Put simply, her range is superb, and as seen in the Last King or Scotland, The Fall and Bleak House, she’s not afraid to utilise her natural English accent to amazing effect.

Be sure to raise a glass to Mrs. Anderson on the 9th of August this year!

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